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What is a Saddleback backpack?

What is a Saddleback backpack??

I can’t think of too many products where the warranty is going to outlive you — Saddleback Backpacks come with a 100 year warranty. That’s how confident they are of the quality and craftsmanship of each piece they produce. Read on for the rest of this post to really understand, “What is a saddleback backpack?”…

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What is a Saddleback Backpack

Warning: These backpacks come with a hefty price tag. They are meant for those who appreciate quality leather and craftsmanship. If you are looking for cheaper options, check out our backpacks under $50.

If you’re looking for a quality product and can spend the extra money, this is the backpack you should be looking it. The company’s tagline is “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.

What is a Saddleback Backpack

This is a backpack range that looks as great in a corporate setting as it does in casual use or on a trip. “Where did you buy that?” and “Where can I get one?”
are two questions you should get used to while carrying these backpacks. A LOT of people will ask you these questions.

Usually, for leather laptop backpacks, I recommend strongly that the backpack should have padded compartments for your computer to be held in place to prevent knocks from outside getting to it. In the case of saddleback backpacks, however, since the leather and the bag / backpack is so thick, the shock would not get to your computer. Hence, this is another great range I would recommend as a laptop backpack.

I only wish the prices were lower, but then again, the quality and craftsmanship of these beauties make them worth it. Their fan following (irrespective of the price) is phenomenal and almost cult-like.

Saddleback Backpack

Here are a few reasons why saddleback backpacks are a different league of backpacks:

  1. Thick leather won’t tear and isn’t going to stretch. The shape it’s in today is the shape it’s going to stay in.
  2. No breakable parts like zippers, etc. By staying away from any breakable parts, these backpacks are designed for durability.
  3. Uses polyester thread, which are found in airbags and ships sails for its bags. Polyester thread is 4 times as strong as nylon thread is both saltwater and UV resistant.
  4. Pigskin lining is known for its tensile strength and is used to line the inside of every saddleback bag. This means you won’t end up with the torn lining you often see in bags lined with cloth. It also helps prevent any spills inside the bag from seeping out.
  5. Fewer Seams mean a stronger product and saddleback backpacks are built with as few seams as possible.
  6. Nylon straps inside the handle – Since nylon doesn’t stretch, neither will the leather. Tough nylon strips are added inside the handle and also to where it attaches to the bag. Nylon is also added inside the center strap where it buckles, and in the side pieces where the shoulder strap attaches. All areas that would normally stretch now have a hidden nylon strap permanently sewn in. This toughens them and prevents these areas from stretching.
  7. Belts – Some of the saddleback backpacks have removable side belts to securely close your bag or to strap something on – like an umbrella, or tripod. The straps are made of two long solid pieces of leather sewn back to back.These straps also conveniently double as belts for upto a size 36 waist? Most belts only have 5 – 6 holes, but saddleback backpacks come with up to 25 holes so you can use them for whatever in an emergency.You could use them as both a dog collar and leash, or a tourniquet.
  8. Sometimes, when a manufacturer sell you a leather bag / backpack, only a few parts will be made of leather. The back, sides and beneath the leg rest could be made of something like vinyl that look just like the rest of  leather.
    All saddleback backpacks are made completely out of Full Grain leather inside and out.
  9. 100 Year Warranty, even if you aren’t the original owner. This means that even if you sell your bag / backpack to someone else, it’s still covered for a 100 years from the date the bag was originally bought from The Saddleback Leather Co.

Saddleback Backpack

An interesting anecdote on the website is when a crocodile to come to a boat Dave, the founder of The Saddleback Leather Co., was on and the crocodile bit on the backpack, clamped down and then thrashed and yanked the heck out of it. They grabbed the backpack when he went for a bigger bite. Dave was actually disappointed to find that the crocodile only scraped it up (he wanted some souvenir bite marks).

I can’t think of another backpack that would’ve survived the ordeal. Any other backpacks would have been torn to pieces.

Here’s a video of a crocodile vs saddleback backpack:


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