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Tiding Sporty Dark Brown Backpack

Tiding Sporty Dark Brown Backpack

The Tidings Sporty Dark Brown Backpack is a backpack that makes no excuses or attempts at being anything but a backpack. It does not camouflage itself into an office bag that turns into a backpack or do anything of the sort.

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It is very simply and sophisticatedly, a backpack. But make no mistake, this isn’t a teenage or childish looking backpack. It is rugged looking, has lots of square compartments and pockets on the front and a scratchy, worn look to add to its character.


As you can see in this image, it can effortlessly accommodate a cellphone, a laptop AND a tablet while still having enough room for a pair of jeans, a shirt and a notebook.

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The bag is roomy and has padded compartments and restraining straps on both the laptop compartment, as well as the tablet compartment.

The dimensions for this backpack are: 12.6″ x 4.7″ x 16.9″.

The main laptop compartment will house a 16″ laptop comfortably.

Its shipping weight is about 1.7 pounds.


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The Tiding Sporty Dark Brown Backpack has a main pocket, 5 exterior pockets, 2 side pockets and a back zipper pocket to make sure that you have enough space to carry all your essentials.



Note: A word of caution though – I have heard of some people complaining that their bag let out some color on their clothes and hence, I’d advise you to check for that before actually using the backpack.

If you do face that situation, you could look at wiping away the color with a clean cloth until the bleed stops, OR returning the backpack, if you don’t feel comfortable using it.

I’m sure the folks at Tiding would have this issue rectified at the earliest to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy this beauty without worrying about their clothes getting stained by it.

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