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The only place for all your leather laptop backpack needs!

Quadra 4-in-1

Quadra 4-in-1

Quadra 4-in-1

Here’s another eye catching multi-style bag I really like. The blue/black (or Royal/Black, as the company calls it) combo is definitely an eye catcher. The Quadra 4-in-1 is a bag from Lencca and becomes a Backpack, a Messenger Bag, a Briefcase and a Tote Bag. It can hold upto a 15.6 inch Laptop.

More details on the Quadra 4-in-1

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McKlein Briefcase

McKlein Briefcase – USA LINCOLN PARK 41655 Black Leather Three-Way Computer Briefpack


Here’s a perfect example of a backpack that was made for working professionals and adults instead of kids. It has a fantastic professional first impression about it due to its clean black leather appearance. Nothing flashy, no Bling – just simple, clean sophistication.

More details here>>

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Distressed Leather Backpack

Distressed Leather Backpack – Goat Leather Messenger / Laptop Satchel College School Backpack Rucksack Shoulder Bag

distressed leather backpack - front side

Here’s a very interesting backpack you really don’t get to see everyday. The top of the backpack rolls down to be held in place by the straps. I feel like this somehow gives it a mountaineer’s backpack look, which I really like.

Check out this beauty here.
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Best Leather Repair Kit For Your Backpacks

Best leather repair kit for your backpacks

Best leather repair kit
Image courtesy flickr

Judging by this site, it should come as no surprise that my leather backpacks are one my prized possessions. And being highly valued by me, I always try to keep them in pristine condition. Unfortunately, leather sometimes loses it’s color, fades, cracks, tears and sometimes, just generally looks old and worn out. Usually, you’d have to just replace the backpack with a new one and trash the old one. Doing that really broke my heart, but fortunately, I discovered the best leather repair kit around that could not only cover up scratches and tears, but also freshen up the overall look of the leather by using a dye (similar to how leather is colored in the first place).

Click here for more details on the best leather repair kit.
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Cool Laptop Backpacks

Cool Laptop Backpacks to give you the Alpha male edge

cool laptop backpacks

If you’re looking for the ultimate alpha-male backpack, this has to be it. Cool laptop backpacks always draw attention, but this one is going to grab attention like you wouldn’t believe.

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17 inch laptop backpack from Blueblue Sky

17 inch Laptop Backpack from Blueblue Sky

More details on the 17 inch laptop backpack here…

A large laptop is something that you just can’t avoid sometimes. Maybe it’s a preference; maybe you need it due to the demands of work, whatever be the reason, sometimes you just have to work off a 17 inch laptop. If you love backpacks like I do, you’ll find yourself really challenged when looking for a good 17 inch laptop backpack.

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ZLYC Backpack

ZLYC Backpack

ZLYC Fashion Genuine Leather 15.6″ Laptop Backpack Handbag Tote Messenger Bag

ZLYC BackpackZLYC Backpack

Here’s a great handbag that converts into a backpack. Discreet looking enough to pass off as a nice handbag and still flexible enough to become a backpack to comfortably lug around a laptop without straining your hands.

Get your ZLYC Backpack here!!
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