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Looking for the right leather repair kit for your leather backpack?

While leather is one of my favorite materials and for the most part, a no fuss material that doesn’t need to be washed, cleaned or require any special care, it does sometimes need a little pampering, like some love from Chamberlain’s Leather Milk products, which are an important part of my leather repair kit.

Sometimes though, you need something to fix and repair damage caused by careless use, wear and tear or pets / kids.
Here’s an amazing product I found out about recently that is easily going to become the most indispensible part of your leather repair kit..

It’s called the Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Healing Balm. Like the name suggests, it is used to help heal your leather products from minor scuffs / scratches and damage.

The first thing I have to say about this is that I love the packaging and how it has an old world / old fashioned charm to it because of the tin packaging. This product comes with application sponges, officially called “fine pore scrubbing absorption sponges”. It seems like a small tin but please remember to use it very sparingly as just a little of the product is really needed to get most jobs done.

Application / Use:

Clean the leather item with a damp cloth first. When the leather is dry, gently dab a small quantity of Healing Balm lightly across damaged areausing the absorption sponge.
Let the leather item dry naturally after the Healing Balm has been applied. When the leather has absorbed all the conditioner it can, buff off any remaining residue, and let it set. For best results, allow the leather to sit overnight.

That’s all the usage and care this product needs to bring your leather back!

Here’s a picture of a lightly scratched wallet before using the product. As you know, this kind of a scratch is pretty much there to stay permanently on leather.

Here’s a picture after an application of Chamberlain’s Healing Balm. The scratch has disappeared to a large extent and only light traces of the letter “B” are visible very lightly now.


1. This may darken the shade of leather slightly and so, just to be on the safe side, I’d recommend testing it on a small region that’s less likely to be seen first and then, if it seems satisfactory, to use it on the whole backpack / leather item.

2. The Chamberlain Healing Balm should not be used on Suede / Nubuck leather items. In fact, in general, use only products specifically made for suede / nubuck care for such items.

3. This is product best used for detailing and touch up work on very worn out leather, as opposed to general use.

Healing Balm works best when used with Chamberlain’s Liniment, as Healing Balm can disguise specific areas of the leather, and Liniment smooths out the color afterwards.

However, as said above, test any formula you plan to use in a discreet area first, and apply gently.

I would definitely recommend using this product, especially on expensive products like my saddleback backpack.

I hope this product helps complete your leather repair kit and keep your leather backpack in a spanking new condition looking its brightest and best always!

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