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Leather Backpacks Women

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Leather Backpacks Women
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While most backpacks are unisex, there are some that definitely were made for one sex rather than both. One such example is the backpack shown above. I also believe that men’s backpacks tend to look a little more rugged than women’s, but that’s just my opinion.

I think a backpack makes a lot of sense for women since they are usually carrying a handbag and having something you can just wear on your shoulders would be a lot more convenient.
I don’t think a backpack is going to substitute a handbag or a purse anytime soon.

A few key differences I did read about online between men and women’s backpacks:
1. The width of the shoulder straps is narrower in women’s backpacks:
This is done since a man’s shoulders are usually broader than a woman’s and
a woman wearing a man’s backpack will notice that the straps tend to slip
off her shoulders since the straps are too wide apart.

2. Women’s backpacks are smaller / have smaller carrying capacities:
I guess manufacturers assumed that a woman would not need to carry as
much stuff in her backpack. No comment here. Ladies – take it up with the
manufacturers of backpacks if you’d like to.

3. Women’s backpacks are more decorated / prettier:
Ok. This one is true. You’ll probably notice that the best selling designs in
leather laptop backpacks for men are the ones that are the simplest with
almost no bling, no color splashes, etc. while the best selling designs for
women are the exact opposite and have all of these things.


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