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Kattee 14″ Laptop Briefcase Backpack Messenger Bag Handbag

Kattee 14″ Laptop Briefcase Backpack Messenger Bag HandbagKattee Genuine Leather 14" Laptop Briefcase Backpack Messenger Bag Handbag

Here’s a really nice backpack / briefcase / messenger bag if your laptop is a small one. This baby can house and safely, comfortably and stylishly transport a 14 inch Laptop while still having some room to carry most other stuff you’d usually want to.

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The top layer of this bag / backpack is made from Crazy Horse leather, which isĀ  made from applying special waxes to surface of the leather.
These waxes have an effect of changing the color when rubbed and does not immediately revert to the old color, giving it an antique look.

The distinguishing look of Crazy-horse leather creates what appear like some disordered scratches on the surface to give it a worn look. 414bSQmwXHL.01_SL500_

The leather feels strong on this bag and the stitching gives you a feeling of strength and reliability that won’t let you down and break apart at an inopportune time, leaving you inconvenienced and embarrassed in or around your workplace.


There are three large compartments inside the bag, plus a wallet holder, a cellphone holder and two pen holders. While this seems minimal, it is sufficient for carrying the essentials without a fuss.


While this is a great backpack, it does come with some obvious constraints – the most notable being size, or the lack of it. If you are working with a tablet or a 14″ laptop, this may be the perfect bag / backpack for you.

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