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Leather Laptop Backpacks

Leather laptop backpacks – Why?

Leather Laptop Backpacks

Brown Leather Backpack – Holds upto 15″ laptops.
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A bag for your laptop is probably the first accessory everyone who uses a laptop outside their home will invest in.
It’s important for several reasons, such as:
a) It protects your laptop
b) It helps you carry other items essential to your laptop, like your charger, thumb drives, etc. together in one place
c) You can carry other items related to your work, such as notebooks, papers, etc. in just one bag together with your laptop

A laptop bag has moved far beyond being just a functional accessory. Earlier, laptop bags used to look like ordinary luggage bags that you could carry your laptop in and almost all of them were simply black in color with just the logo or your laptop’s manufacturer or that of the manufacturer (usually a manufacturer known for making luggage), if you didn’t receive your bag free with your laptop.

With the designs and styles available today, these bags have become a way for people to express their moods, individuality and yes, even fashion sense. They come in so many colors, shapes and sizes now that many times, you may not even realize it’s a laptop bag you’re looking at.

One of the most important things a backpack does is distribute the weight being carried. This helps if you’re like me and like to stuff everything you can into your backpack. With a computer bag, you are either carrying all the weight on one shoulder or on one hand, which can literally become painful in a short while.

With a backpack, this weight is distributed on the shoulders and many backpacks have padded back supports and padded straps to make carrying this load easier. The other advantage of padded back supports is that you won’t be jabbed or poked by the contents of your backpack, such as the corners or edges of you laptop, electrical contacts of your chargers, etc.

That being said, there are differences in the design of laptop backpacks and hiking / outdoor backpacks with respect to the support they provide. Most notably, this is the absence of a hip belt in laptop backpacks. This is important to remember so that you don’t injure yourself carrying excessively heavy weights in your backpack. Carry only what is essential to your computer and resist the temptation of throwing everything into your backpack. Not only will this injure your back, but you’ll also end up stretching out your bag permanently.

Backpacks were always popular for carrying laptops but they faced one major problem — they had no padding or specially designed section for holding your expensive laptop in place safely and securely. Your laptop was free to bounce around inside the backpack and usually end up scratched and scuffed by the other stuff being carried inside the backpack. Hence, a new breed of backpacks emerged – special backpacks for carrying laptops that are referred to as Laptop Backpacks.

Laptop backpacks are typically specially padded in the compartment meant to hold the laptop. Further, they may also have a retaining belt / bar, also made out of the same padded material to hold the laptop securely in place. They also have more compartments, especially mesh compartments for keeping all your accessories neat and organized. The shoulder straps are usually padded too, since you would usually carry a heavier load in them than a regular backpack.

open backpack by bnilsen, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  bnilsen 

Backpacks today are made of a large variety of materials including some really technologically advanced materials. However, they all lacked in one major area — you look like you’re going camping, hiking or to school with them. They are either a camouflage print, shimmery shiny or if they are basic fabric, then they look way too casual.

I really hate that because I love backpacks and I have always found it more comfortable to carry a bag’s weight, especially if it’s holding a heavy laptop supported on my shoulders and back instead of on my hands or on a single shoulder.

I’ve been using a backpack for several years to carry my laptop to the office. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit, I looked like an idiot carrying a camouflage backpack to the office on my first day of work. It didn’t help that I had a meeting the first day with the whole team and the VP of my department and I went in to the meeting with my camouflage bag. I did see a few smirks from people when they saw backpack.

I assume that I was not the only one with this problem since I saw a leather laptop backpack a few weeks later and instantly jumped at it. It did two things for me:
1. It allowed me to continue using a backpack instead of being forced to carry a laptop bag, which I can’t stand.
2. It looked perfectly professional since it was leather.

I couldn’t believe that just changing the material to leather would make such a difference to what is basically the same product. Leather laptop backpacks suddenly became the vogue and pretty soon, half the office was using them, irrespective of their age or positions in the company. Leather also seems to increase the longevity of the backpack. None of my other backpacks have lasted as long my leather ones have.

And plus, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh leather!! Leather laptop backpacks have a distinctive smell, kinda like a new car smell that lift your spirits immediately. The great thing about leather backpacks is that the smell lingers on much longer.

What I also like about leather backpacks is that they mostly have the buckles, rivets and zippers made of metal instead of plastic, like you’d find on regular laptop backpacks. The metal finish really makes them stand out and look distinguished, adding to the overall corporate look.

Leather briefcase that turns into a backpack

Leather briefcase that turns into a backpack

I came across the best of both worlds recently, when I saw the AB Earth Leather Briefcase Backpack, M43C, a laptop bag that looks like an extremely official leather briefcase, but you can just pull out the concealed shoulder straps from the compartment, flip the bag 90 degrees and turn it into a backpack.

Leather briefcase that turns into a backpack

Leather briefcase that turns into a backpack

Leather briefcase that turns into a backpack

Leather briefcase that turns into a backpack

I know you can do this with some messenger bags too, but they never feel like backpacks, because they stick out on the sides when you wear them. Because this briefcase is flipped 90 degrees, it sits perfectly and doesn’t stick out on your sides.

The trend of using laptop backpacks really seems to have caught up with women too since I didn’t see as many women using backpacks as I do now, and in most cases, it is usually leather laptop backpacks. Some of the amazing designs for leather backpacks have women making a beeline for them.

With larger and snazzier looking backpacks, women are able to replace their handbags and purses with a backpack and just carry a small cardholder for credit cards, cash, etc. and not have two bags (a computer bag and a handbag) to lug around.

Leather Laptop Backpack Sizes

Before you a buy a laptop backpack, you should measure your laptop to make sure that the backpack you buy will be able to accommodate it. Then, you should make sure that the dimensions of the bag can comfortably accommodate your laptop.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending time looking for the perfect laptop backpack, finding it, buying it and coming home to see you can’t get it to close when you put your laptop into it.

If you’re looking for a backpack that can hold a 17 inch computer, you may want to check out this post.

I know this first hand because it has happened to me. I loved that backpack but couldn’t use it. I put it away in storage thinking I’ll use it when I get around to replacing my laptop with a smaller one — it never happened! So be careful and make sure your laptop will fit before you buy a backpack.

Leather Laptop Backpack Prices

This may come as a surprise to some, but the price range for a  Leather Laptop Backpack is very wide. You have a huge range to choose from but you should keep in mind what you actually need from a backpack before jumping at either end of the price spectrum. Just to give you an idea, you could get a backpack for under $30 all the way up to several hundred dollars.

If you’re looking for durability, here’s a backpack manufacturer that gives you a 100 year warranty. That’s right — 100 years! Your backpack is going to outlast you. These backpacks are awesome looking, but they have a few drawbacks too, one of them being their price. But, if you can afford them, these are definitely attention grabbers.

If you’re looking for a cheap, quick purchase that you don’t want to think too much about and are ok with the idea of replacing it relatively soon, here’s a great option under $30.
If you’re not too crazy about how it looks though and you want something that looks a little better and offers a few more options, you can see this, this, this or this post.

Leather Laptop Backpack Cleaning, Care and Maintenance

If you are a leather laptop backpack enthusiast and are concerned about the cleaning, care and maintenance involved in a leather bag, don’t worry. It isn’t going to be as difficult as you imagine.

With just a leather cleaner and leather conditioner, you should be all set with everything you need to keep your leather laptop backpack looking like new. In most cases, a damp cloth may be all you need to get your leather backpack looking like new.

For more details, check out the section on taking care of your leather laptop backpack, or click on the links here if you’d just like to see some great backpacks for men or backpacks for women.