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Looking for the right leather repair kit for your leather backpack?

While leather is one of my favorite materials and for the most part, a no fuss material that doesn’t need to be washed, cleaned or require any special care, it does sometimes need a little pampering, like some love from Chamberlain’s Leather Milk products, which are an important part of my leather repair kit.

Sometimes though, you need something to fix and repair damage caused by careless use, wear and tear or pets / kids.
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Why We Love Leather Laptop Backpacks

While laptops have become extremely affordable, taking care of them has always been essential due to their delicate nature. Valuable information stored on a laptop requires us to take proper care of the device. Although most people have a backup, doing whatever you can to prevent damage is always a better idea and saves time.

I often carry my laptop in a backpack. The same trend is slowly gaining momentum with coffee shop dwellers, library hounds, business professionals and hipsters. Although they are somewhat expensive, I am obsessed with a leather laptop backpack because they’re convenient and elegant.

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Best Leather Repair Kit For Your Backpacks

Best leather repair kit for your backpacks

Best leather repair kit
Image courtesy flickr

Judging by this site, it should come as no surprise that my leather backpacks are one my prized possessions. And being highly valued by me, I always try to keep them in pristine condition. Unfortunately, leather sometimes loses it’s color, fades, cracks, tears and sometimes, just generally looks old and worn out. Usually, you’d have to just replace the backpack with a new one and trash the old one. Doing that really broke my heart, but fortunately, I discovered the best leather repair kit around that could not only cover up scratches and tears, but also freshen up the overall look of the leather by using a dye (similar to how leather is colored in the first place).

Click here for more details on the best leather repair kit.
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Six things to check when buying a leather laptop bag

Six things to keep in mind when buying a leather laptop bag

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.

leather laptop bag

If you’ve been carrying a laptop bag for your computer for several years, chances are that the first one (and possibly, the one you still use) must’ve been / is a leather bag and it was probably black. Continue reading

What is a Saddleback backpack?

What is a Saddleback backpack??

I can’t think of too many products where the warranty is going to outlive you — Saddleback Backpacks come with a 100 year warranty. That’s how confident they are of the quality and craftsmanship of each piece they produce. Read on for the rest of this post to really understand, “What is a saddleback backpack?”…

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. 

What is a Saddleback Backpack

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Multipurpose Laptop Backpacks

Why invest in Multipurpose Laptop Backpacks?

Desktop computers seems to be disappearing all around us. They seem to be getting replaced by devices that are a lot more portable in nature, such as iPads, Laptops, etc. Carrying them around in hand is not a comfortable or safe option. You’re bound to forget them somewhere or risk dropping them. Additionally, you will always have their chargers, headphones, other accessories to carry as well. Hence, a multipurpose laptop backpack is a great option for carrying everything safely and comfortably.
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What to look for while buying the best laptop backpacks

What to look for while buying the best laptop backpacks

Your computer is indispensable today. You need them for personal use like email, shopping, etc. or for work to carry out your job. Many companies now give their employees laptops to take home. With these, they are always connected and can give clients presentations, send / receive emails while at home or while they’re travelling, log in to the employee sections of websites, etc. These laptops are typically carried in to work daily.

Carrying these laptops nearly everywhere requires you to have a protective bag to store them in. Typical laptop bags are backpacks, shoulder bags and envelope cases.

Mobile Edge ScanFast Messenger Bag - Che by Mobile Edge Laptop Cases, on Flickr

Shoulder Bag

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